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0000185websitespelling, grammar and typographical errorspublic2004-12-28 08:07
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Summary0000185: About cAos typos
DescriptionFirst paragraph, third sentence, singular/plural mismatch, I would write "The kernel and almost all applications that make up a Linux distribution are free..."

The Mission: "completely" is the correct spelling. Also drop the comma after "intends".

The Goal: First sentence - "administrator's OS" (add apostrophe). Near end of third sentence, should be "flexibility". Second paragraph, first sentence, "straightforward" is one word. Third paragraph, "development environment" (spelling). Fourth paragraph, "signifies _not just_ the release of the OS, but _also_ the community..."

The Rationale: First paragraph - "several points that _set_" (not "sets"), also I'd drop "from the existing". "Filesystem _hierarchy_" (sp), "_lastly_" (sp), "principles" (not principals). Second paragraph, "unfortunately" (sp). Third paragraph, "principle" again.

The Landmarks: cAos-BETA - "Rebuild OS _completely_...". cAos-1.0 - "infrastructure" (sp).
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I didnt write this and I'm not gmk's editor - so reassigned :)

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cleaning old tickets... this content has all been rewritten.


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