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0002047CentOS-5openldappublic2012-06-20 05:40
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Product Version5.0 - i386 
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Summary0002047: Message bus service hangs when using OpenLDAP for user information retrieval
DescriptionI have setup two Centos5 box's using both i386 & x86_64 and both hang for approx 10 minutes when rebooting at the "Starting Messagebus" after you have setup the system to use OpenLDAP. Looking through the logs it is caused by the messagebus service trying to start BEFORE the LDAP server is started. To resolve the issue I've altered the startup order in /etc/rc3.d so messagebus is now S27messagebus & ldap is S22ldap.

I'm not sure if the is a bug as such but thought it should be reported.
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2007-06-08 12:44

reporter   ~0005321

I have resolved this by altering the chkconfig line in both /etc/init.d/messagebus and /etc/init.d/ldap and reversed the startup order, so messagebus is now 27 and ldap is 22.

Renaming the symbolic links doesn't work as they are corrected anytime you run the "setup" tool.


2007-06-18 05:52

reporter   ~0005416

Add parameter

bind_policy soft

into /etc/ldap.conf



2009-01-07 16:41

reporter   ~0008547

On centos 5.2 I do not have a /etc/init.d/ldap script to move. chkconfig --add ldap also fails. OpenLDAP is installed, configured, and getent works.


2011-01-27 15:11

reporter   ~0012378

A similar issue has been reported to Red Hat Bugzilla.

Several solutions and try-outs have been suggested. Including using bind_policy soft in /etc/ldap.conf. All with varying success.

References item:


2012-06-20 05:40

reporter   ~0015290

This turned out to be a network route problem in my case. a bit of a blonde moment for me :)

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