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0000025administrationmailing listspublic2003-12-12 04:33
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
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Summary0000025: mailman pipermail archive dropped an end of month post
Descriptionimmediately after recovery form the latest outage, the mailman/pipermail interface forwarded
my 'initial success with cinch' post, but did not archive it. It posted very close to midnight
EST, at the end of the month, and so may bave been 'missed' by a cron process.
I was going to submit a news item referencing it, and find that I have not an announcement to
point to.
As I recall there is a binary called 'arch' in the mailman tree, to force a rebuild of an archive.
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2003-12-03 01:06

reporter   ~0000109

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I've run arch to rebuild the [caos] list, but cant see that post ????

2003-12-11 23:33

reporter   ~0000110

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closing this bug ...

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