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0002526CentOS-5anacondapublic2010-01-09 21:00
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Summary0002526: Selection of Cent OS Extras during installation results in crash of anaconda
DescriptionJust installed Cent OS 5.1. In the last stages we can select the packages which shall be installed. When selecting Cento OS Extras and clicking on next, anaconda crashed and the system had to be rebooted.
Unfortunately we haven't been able to capture the detailed error stack from anaconda but the console indicated that an attempt has been made to contact a mirror server. Since the machine is located behind a firewall it has to access the internet through a proxy. And thus trying to connect to the mirror server failed.
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duplicate of 0003961 Anaconda installation bug 




2007-12-10 13:12

administrator   ~0006529 has:
Selecting the Extras repository during installation requires that you have a working internet connection. If not Anaconda may hang trying to reach the internet. If you are not performing a network install and have selected the Extras repository then Anaconda will ask you to configure a network interface so that it can reach the internet.

More details:
Anaconda during the installation phase **does not** allow you to define a proxy.
So if you proxy setup is mandatory to reach out, you can not use the **pre-defined** Extras repository.
But if your company is already hosting a local CentOS mirror, just add the **your** Extras repository url.

hope that helps.



2007-12-10 13:14

administrator   ~0006530

anaconda initial setup with a mandatory proxy, which can not be defined...


2007-12-10 13:20

reporter   ~0006531

o.k. I can accept this. Not really nice, but o.k. However anaconda shouldn't crash, leaving a reboot as the only option, or? That's quite annoying since one already has filled in all the information which is being needed for the install (e.g. network config, partitions, etc.).


2010-01-09 21:00

manager   ~0010734

Being resolved in #3961

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