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0002583CentOS-5kernelpublic2008-02-01 19:57
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Product Version5.0 - x86_64 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002583: NFS CREATE fails on hp-ux clients with kernel 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5
DescriptionHP-UX NFS clients fail creating a new file on a CentOS 5 NFS server updated with the 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5.


hp-ux$ cp anyfile /to/nfs/fs/on/centos5
hp-ux$ cp: cannot create anyfile: Permission denied
Additional InformationA tcpdump trace viewed with wireshark seems to indicate that the NFS CREATE call is made with Mode: UNCHECKED and with the initial file permission mode set to 00 on HP-UX clients. The NFS CREATE call returns a NFS3ERR_ACCES error, probably due to the initial permission mode set to 00 (none). This was not a problem on the base level CentOS 5 kernel.

tcpdump trace file attaced.
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2008-01-04 16:30


centos5-hpux.tcpdump (3,212 bytes)


2008-01-08 17:02

reporter   ~0006671

I have just discovered that this only happens when the backing filesystem is gfs. When using ext3 the HP-UX NFS clients work OK.


2008-01-21 19:47

reporter   ~0006734

Problem appears to be due to generic_permission returning -EACCES

I traced down the function that is returning the -EACCES error;

  vfs_create - Note: the create returns OK
   generic_permission - Note: returns a -EACCES error!

 Apparently GFS is the only filesystem I tested calling this generic_permission. ext3 and XFS both do not call generic_permission and therefore do not fail. The file that is created from the HP-UX NFS client is set to mode=0 and with the correct owner calling vfs_create. Then, nfsd tries to set the attributes with nfsd_setattr but generic_permission returns -EACCES!

 I did not want to change generic_permission as I do not have the understanding of the kernel to feel comfortable changing a kernel function. I made a patch to change how nfsd reacts to the return code. I simply look for a return from notify_change of -EACCES and if the FSUID=InodeUID then ignore the error. The HP-UX NFS client now works.

 I will attach my simple patch file so that someone with more knowledge can look at this and provide a permanent fix for a future update.

2008-01-21 19:48


bmc-nfsd_setattr.patch (519 bytes)
--- vfs.c_save	2008-01-18 13:06:50.000000000 -0600
+++ vfs.c	2008-01-18 13:18:40.000000000 -0600
@@ -348,6 +348,11 @@
 	if (!check_guard || guardtime == inode->i_ctime.tv_sec) {
 		err = notify_change(dentry, iap);
+		/* Allow access override if owner for HP-UX NFS client bug on GFS */
+		if (err == -EACCES & (current->fsuid == inode->i_uid)) {
+			printk (KERN_DEBUG "nfsd_setattr: Bug detected! Ignoring -EACCES error for owner\n");
+			err = 0;
+		}
 		err = nfserrno(err);


2008-02-01 19:57

reporter   ~0006798

Logged this same issue with the upstream bugzilla: #431253

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