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0002611CentOS-4yumpublic2008-02-08 08:19
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Summary0002611: yum-metadata-parser has insufficient dependency on sqlite
DescriptionAfter an update to yum-metadata-parser, one of my machines was left in a state where yum was unusable, because the version of sqlite on the system was too old to support yum-metadata-parser.

yum-metadata-parser seems to use "CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS", which was introduced in sqlite version 3.3.0. However, the version of sqlite on the system at the time was 3.2.7, causing yum to fail.
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2008-02-08 04:40

reporter   ~0006843

I was able to fix this by updating sqlite with this rpm:


2008-02-08 08:19

reporter   ~0006844

Hmm, I have that specific version of sqlite on my box and I get the error described here

I also posted on the yum list

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