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0000268websitespelling, grammar and typographical errorspublic2004-02-29 01:38
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Summary0000268: syntax error -- Debian instead of cAos
Description22:18 tmattox> Hey, if anyone here happens to have caos website editing
                priveledges, I thought I'd point out a semi-trivial oops I
                found while reading the site today:
22:19 @orc_> tmattox: bugzilla has a category for it; mich of the site is in a
             CMS I do not understand
22:19 @orc_> but if it is static conetnt, I may be ableto fix
22:20 tmattox> On the cAos Social Contract page, section Programs That Don't
                Meet Our Free-Software Standards, there is a link labeled
                "Debian Free Software Guidelines" that I think should be labled
                "cAos Free Software Guidelines"
22:20 @orc_> url and I will file the bug
22:21 tmattox>
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