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0002813CentOS-5anacondapublic2009-02-18 16:12
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Product Version5.1 
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Summary0002813: Reasonless "there was an error running your transaction..." upon preparation to install
DescriptionUpon attempting clean install of CentOS-5.1, after selecting the packages to install, I get a message
"there was an error running your transaction, for the following reason(s)" and no reasons are given, just a "Reboot" button.

Details: I'm doing a clean install, with 1) Manual partitioning the drive, and 2) "Customizing now" the list of packages.

Some more details: similar issues have been reported here in forums, but there were two suggested "solutions": a) To make root partition >~1.2G, b) to "leave some blank partition without assigning any format". None of these "solutions" helps (albeit both of these conditions are fulfilled): if I customize the packages, the transaction error still occurs (yes, it is EXTREMELY frustrating to spend an hour in careful inspection of packages and tuting the list, to only get an "Error. Reboot" message!).

I can't tell which package or group triggers the problem -- with only basic selection (w/o "customize now", but with root larger 1.2G and a blank partition) install proceeds okay, with "minor" customization (adding "Software development" and a few more groups) -- the same, but with serious tweaking (including supported languages selection), which I used to do for years with RH and Fedora -- it fails for sure.

P.S. This seems to be a CentOS-specific issue, since searching the RatHat bugzilla didn't such bugs.

P.P.S. I wonder why this issue doesn't pop up for zillions of CentOS users every day -- manually partitioning and individual package selection is a typical scenario for installation of server PCs and/or for advanced users.
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2008-04-29 04:28

reporter   ~0007200

There must have been some problem with report parser, which got GREATER 1.2G as a hyperlink.
That phrase in report states "root partition greater than 1.2G".
Sorry for inconvenience.


2008-04-29 04:40

reporter   ~0007201

P.P.S. Yes, the DVD had successfully passed the media check. And root size is 1.6G, while /usr is 5G -- should be enough for a modest selection of packages.


2008-04-29 08:48

administrator   ~0007203

Does it also bail out if you let the installer autopartition your hard disk? I'm not sure how large / has to be, but the installer does some unpacking in there, so yes - it can run out of space during an install.

How much memory do you have in there?


2008-04-29 11:05

reporter   ~0007204

Regarding 1st question -- didn't try to autopartition (in fact, I *never* allow this, since installer's point of view is too different from mine :-).

Regarding RAM -- it is 384M. And I devoted 512M for swap (which, however, probably wasn't used during install, since installer didn't tell about it, which is usually the case for text installs).

BTW, when I first tried to install with only 128M RAM, the installed forced to text mode, and the "...error...transaction..." had happened too.

Anyway, if the problem is in insufficient disk space -- I wonder why the error message presents empty "reason"...


2008-04-29 15:01

administrator   ~0007205

Okay, with 384MB you should use the text installer. The graphical installer is meant for machines with > 512MB RAM.

That's why it is mentioned as a "known issue" in the Release Notes.



2008-04-30 03:37

reporter   ~0007207

Anyway, the problem had appeared with text installer too.
And the problem itself consists of 2 parts:
1. Transaction failure.
2. Absence of a reason in the error message (and no error message on text consoles, too).

(BTW -- if graphical installer is intended for 512M or more (a strange requirement...), why it does allow to be used with 256M? And why not give an option to turn on swap just at the beginning, instead of falling back to text mode (which is totally inadequate)?).


2008-04-30 05:05

reporter   ~0007208

By the way, range, can you give me an advice how to track this problem down?

(Our lab will switch from long-serving RH-7.3 to CentOS, and some PCs will have similar "weak" configuration, so I'm willing to put some efforts to fix this problem.)

Thanks in advance!


2008-04-30 08:55

administrator   ~0007209

Hmmm. If it really bails out with autopartitioning *and* with the text installer - you should be able to switch to another virtual console during the installation. Some of them show what the installer is doing in the background - and which errors are occuring. IIRC ALT-F3 to ALT-F6 all carry that information.

Regarding the 512MB for the graphical installer - that really wasn't our decision. But the graphical installer itself uses some memory and in addition to that yum is eating quite a bit of that too, when it tries to resolve dependencies.

And that's the reason why we put that into the release notes - it *can* work with less than 512MB, but you *might* see strange issues. For example installing OpenOffice.Org or not can make a huge difference - the install might run through if OOorg is deselected.


2008-04-30 08:55

administrator   ~0007210

Regarding the empty error message - we have no idea where that comes from ourselves.


2008-05-18 12:53

reporter   ~0007282

I have the same empty error too from CentOS installer Anaconda. You offered to read other virtual console message.
I can see on tty3 that anaconda begin to select packages to install.
There is no error on it.


2008-10-27 08:25

reporter   ~0008192

I get the same problem installing CentOS on a vmware.
Increasing the Hdd size from 4 Gb to 6Gb solve the problem.

Hope this can help.




2009-02-18 16:12

administrator   ~0008722

Does it work with a large enough / partition? I assume issues with running out of space while unpacking install images or packages.

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