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0002875CentOS-5-OTHERpublic2009-10-28 12:03
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Summary0002875: Heartbeat 2.1.3 dopd is Broken - Patch Available
DescriptionThere is a critical bug in the version of dopd included with Heartbeat-2.1.3 that prevents failover of DRBD devices. Please see this thread from the DRBD Users list:

The fix involves relatively simple changes to both DRBD and Heartbeat's dopd (which is contributed to the Heartbeat project by the DRBD folks). The DRBD half of the fix went into DRBD 8.0.12 and 8.2.6, both of which are now up-to-date in CentOS Extras (thanks!)

However, the fix is not complete (i.e. the problem is not solved) without an updated Heartbeat package to match the updated DRBD packages. The DRBD folks have contributed the dopd patch to Heartbeat for the next release (heartbeat-2.1.4). However, that release seems to be delayed for an indeterminate time. It is possible to rebuild heartbeat-2.1.3 with the dopd patches applied. Because the patch is completely localized to the dopd library, there is no danger of breaking anything else in heartbeat-2.1.3.

I think it would be great if CentOS Extras released a new patch level of heartbeat-2.1.3 with the fixed dopd. Otherwise, any current user who updates to the current release of DRBD+Heartbeat from CentOS Extras is getting a broken release where failover of DRBD nodes is completely broken when the primary node goes down (which is exactly what one uses DRBD/Heartbeat in combination to protect against.)

Therefore, I feel this is a critical issue that can and should be addressed with a patch release of Heartbeat 2.1.3.
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2008-06-06 09:02

administrator   ~0007381 seems to be the patch and Lars is asking Distro maintainers to incorporate that patch into their heartbeat packages.


2008-06-06 16:23

reporter   ~0007384

Yes, that is the patch I was referring to. Thanks for tracking it down. (It has been committed to Heartbeat's SVN repository as well.)


2008-08-25 06:53

reporter   ~0007857

Heartbeat 2.1.4 has been released. This is to be the last release of the 2.1 branch. It contains the critical fixes mentioned above. Please update CentOS Extras. Thanks!


2009-10-26 09:46

reporter   ~0010165

It's over a year now, will this ever be fixed? How can i help?


2009-10-28 12:03

reporter   ~0010190

Using opensuse repo now. :-)

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