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0002995CentOS-5bindpublic2010-10-15 18:16
Product Version5.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002995: named service crashes with an assertion failed message
DescriptionSince the upgrade to the following:

Version: 9.3.4
Release: 6.0.2.P1.el5_2

We have had an issue with the named service randomly dieing off. In /var/log/messages we see the following errors:

Jul 17 13:00:42 ns-mail named[19409]: socket.c:1649: INSIST(!sock->pending_recv) failed
Jul 17 13:00:42 ns-mail named[19409]: exiting (due to assertion failure)

The server is running bind-chroot and also has the caching-nameserver package installed. In addition to the local related zones, we also have 10 forwards setup in the named.conf file.

This occurred on a fresh install of 5.2 which had the named service running for approximately 36 hours prior to this crash.

A point to also note is that we had a 4.6 server running and this same error occurred on it after the recent BIND related security patches. We then decided to migrate to 5.2, in which we have seen this same issue happen today, thus the bug report.
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range (administrator)

Can you please report that upstream at http://bugzilla.redhat.com/ - if it is not already listed there. A quick search doesn't find anything.

After you did so, can you please put the link to that issue here?

Thank you.


clayk (reporter)

I did not see anything either. I have submitted a bug report and here is a link to that issue:



range (administrator)

Thank you.


gondim (reporter)

This occurred on my server:

Jan 2 19:10:33 mail named[1853]: adb.c:921: INSIST((((entry) != ((void *)0)) && (((const isc__magic_t *)(entry))->magic == ((('a') << 24 | ('d') << 16 | ('b
') << 8 | ('E')))))) failed
Jan 2 19:10:33 mail named[1853]: exiting (due to assertion failure)

My bind version in CentOS 5.2:

Name : bind-chroot Relocations: /var/named/chroot
Version : 9.3.4 Vendor: CentOS
Release : 6.0.2.P1.el5_2 Build Date: Sex 11 Jul 2008 21:27:47 BRT
Install Date: Ter 23 Set 2008 16:57:10 BRT Build Host: builder16.centos.org
Group : System Environment/Daemons Source RPM: bind-9.3.4-6.0.2.P1.el5_2.src.rpm
Size : 0 License: BSD-like
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Sáb 12 Jul 2008 09:46:29 BRT, Key ID a8a447dce8562897
URL : http://www.isc.org/products/BIND/
Summary : Um ambiente de tempo de execução chroot para o servidor DNS ISC BIND, named(8)
Description :
Este pacote contém uma árvore de arquivos que pode ser usada como
uma área de chroot(2) para o programa named(8) do pacote BIND.
Baseado no código de Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak <kas@fi.muni.cz>


clayk (reporter)

It looks like this was closed 2009-09-02 with a status of ERRATA in the above listed bug report.

Here is an included link with that information:



range (administrator)

Thank you. Has been fixed in bind-9.3.6-4.P1.el5

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