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0003205CentOS-5module-init-toolspublic2008-10-29 00:00
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Product Version5.2 
Summary0003205: module-init-tools package missing dependency
DescriptionWhile installing a kmod update I saw an error which I traced back to module-init-tools.

Installing: kmod-gfs-xen ####################### [ 9/21]
xargs: nm: No such file or directory

Line 227 of /sbin/weak-modules calls "nm", provided by binutils. binutils is not listed as a package dependency of module-init-tools.
Additional InformationI marked this as "minor", but I really don't know how important the availability of nm is to the proper functioning of the /sbin/weak-modules script.
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has duplicate 0003215 module-init-tools should have dependency on binutils 




2008-10-21 04:06

reporter   ~0008170

This is an upstream missing Requires ... the %pre and %post install scriptlets are by design NOT inventoried by rpmbuild to automatically insert such as the task would require deep (and shifting) knowledge in rpmbuild of how every potential 'nix command works -- not doable.

As the solution, a Requires (pre): binutils [in this case, as nm seemingly holds nm presently (no reason that nm might not be split out to a sub-package, which is the genesis of the problem referenced in the first para) -- a 'file requires' of: /usr/bin/nm would also work, but then is tied to a given path (which impairs an ability to move it, say, to /bin/ as a static linked variant for a recovery tool, or for a initscript friendly location .... but there is only so much one can have on the root partition, before one runs out of space ...)]

Anyway, here there is a missing manual Requires (pre): binutils

Please file it upstream and note the bug number here.

-- Russ herrold


2008-10-23 21:00

reporter   ~0008186

Bug filed upstream:

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