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0003323websitewebsitepublic2011-02-08 12:12
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Summary0003323: white on grey text unreadable
DescriptionIn the forum area of the website the text in the menus is white while the background is a pale grey/blue that makes the text nearly unreadable without being highlighted. (see attached image)
Additional Information#2f5376 or #004097 - both blues are probably a good choice to change too.
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2009-01-02 19:44


02012009.png (9,470 bytes)
02012009.png (9,470 bytes)


2009-03-04 11:33

reporter   ~0008878

When this bug was reported, I was told shortly after that the website was about to be changed, however 2 months after reporting this issue still remains.


2011-02-08 12:12

administrator   ~0012415

Has been fixed.

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