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0003668CentOS-5dumppublic2009-06-08 02:21
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Product Version5.3 
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Summary0003668: Please port dump/restore to Ext4
DescriptionHi All,

I have been advices to switch one of my ext3 partition over to ext4 to handle a virtual machine I want to run on it by the folks over at Virtual Box.

Would one of our intrepid heroes please consider giving Stelian a hand and get dump/restore ported to Ext4, so we can back our stuff up?

This is real important for all of us how need to use Ext4. Giving this some priority would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
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2009-06-08 02:18

administrator   ~0009447

Ext4 is issued as a technology preview only. We ship what RHEL does.

If you want to contribute the port yourself that's great. Otherwise, there are a number of things on the centos plate already, and sucking up in a feature request isn't going to get you much.


2009-06-08 02:21

administrator   ~0009448

Virtualbox is not shipped by centos. They told you to use something which is issued in a technology preview only. ext4 specific toolkits will likely be available when ext4 has been released for production upstream.

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