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Summary0000378: new US tier 1 mirror
DescriptionDual OC3 for Internet, OC48 for Internet 2 (worth mentioning for the benefit of
academic users). Location "North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North
Carolina, USA"
[copy/paste of announcement from site admin]
I just finished setting up a new mirror at the request of Magnus
Hedemark (thunderbear on irc). I am mirroring everything and serving it
out over rsync and ftp. The connection speed depends on where on the
internet you are located. For users on Internet 2 we are connected via
an OC48 and to the rest of the internet dual OC3s. The urls are listed
Currently I am mirroring off of once a day, around 4:00am.
This mirror is located in Raleigh, North Carolina at North Carolina Sate
Elliot Peele
Linux Systems Administrator - NCSU Physics -
Realm Linux Developer - NCSU CLS -
(919) 513-7648
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