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0003796CentOS-5gnome-panelpublic2013-04-04 19:19
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Product Version5.3 
Summary0003796: Gnome panel hangs after a click on System menu.
DescriptionI am using Centos 5.3 over VNC.
VNC session hangs after a click on System menu in gnome panel. VNC session is back after killing gnome-panel process. Looks like gnome-panel hangs and VNC server waits forever for a response. After killing gnome-panel, system automatically starts new gnome-panel process and VNC session is enabled and works
I do not know if this can be reproduced on a screen directly connected to the machine. (Do not have such screen).
Additional InformationLinux centos 2.6.18-128.4.1.el5 #1 SMP Tue Aug 4 20:23:34 EDT 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
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2009-12-31 19:25

reporter   ~0010658

Using CentOS 5.3, experienced exactly the same issue. Selecting the 'System' menu in gnome panel causes the whole VNC session to lock. Need to ssh into system, 'killall gnome-panel', which resets gnome-panel and all is well, until the 'System' menu item is selected again. I have not found anything else that locks the session.

The server hosting the VNC session was running in headless mode, where there was no monitor/keyboard/mouse attached. It wasn't set up as such in the BIOS on the server. Went into BIOS, set server to headless operation, VNC 'system' menu problem still there. Hooked up a monitor/keyboard/mouse, and the 'System' menu issue went away -- in both headless mode and without it.

Bottom line on this situation, or at least in what I am experiencing is that VNC sessions running on a server need to have a monitor connected in order to function properly.


2010-01-12 02:20

reporter   ~0010760

I'm getting the same behavior with CentOS 5.4. I'm not sure exactly when it started but it was after Christmas '09. I'm using freeNX for remote access.


2010-01-30 21:11

reporter   ~0010903

I have the same problem on CentOS 5.4 and vnc.
I have run strace, and gnome-panel hangs connecting /tmp/.gdm_socket

As I have no monitor connected to my VGA card (nv driver) the X fails to start:

30499 ? Ss 0:00 /usr/sbin/gdm-binary -nodaemon
30527 ? Sl 0:00 /usr/libexec/gdm-rh-security-token-helper
30590 ? Ss 0:00 /bin/sh /etc/gdm/XKeepsCrashing
30608 ? S 0:00 /usr/libexec/gdmopen -l /bin/sh -c /etc/gdm/XKeepsCrashing -noopen
30609 tty7 Ss+ 0:00 /bin/sh /etc/gdm/XKeepsCrashing -noopen
30808 pts/11 S+ 0:00 grep gdm

I have found no way to disable EDID detection for nv driver (there is an option for this, but it works only with the proprietary nvidia driver)

I suppose gdm is in some state that causes the communication using the socket to hang.

So we have a several problems here:
1. gnome-panel shoudn't hang when using this socket
2. gdm is doing something nasty with this socket

The workarounds for this bug:
1. Go into runlevel 3, you need to start a fresh vncserver afterwards or new nx session
2. Connect a monitor to the computer and restart X
3. Setup X in a way that enables successful startup without monitor connected to the graphics card (impossible with the opensource nv driver AFAIK)

So, there is 100% bug in gnome-panel, the gdm should be fixed probably too.


2010-02-21 08:06

reporter   ~0011024

I have the same problem

restart gnome-panel task helps, but not always.


2010-04-09 19:45

reporter   ~0011138

I same problem where selecting the system menu in a vnc session would cause gnome-panel to become unresponsive and needed to be killed, but I modified my ~/.vnc/xstartup file and gnome-panel no longer freezes.

---The working xstartup file is below---

OS=`uname -s`
if [ $OS = 'Linux' ]; then
  case "$WINDOWMANAGER" in
      if [ -e /etc/SuSE-release ]; then
        export PATH
if [ -x /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ]; then
  exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
if [ -f /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ]; then
  exec sh /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
[ -r $HOME/.Xresources ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
xterm -geometry 80x24+10+10 -ls -title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &
exec gnome-session &


2010-04-10 12:21

reporter   ~0011139

Thank you very much for your update, but in case it's not working...
I still have the same problem even after I used your xstartup.
When I'm trying to click on System menu it hang immediately.

Mykola Yemelyanenko


2010-04-10 15:04

reporter   ~0011140

I'm sorry, the problem persisted after I rebooted and I could not edit my reply.

What I ultimately ended up doing was changing the default runlevel of CentOS in /etc/inittab to 3. This prevents X11 from starting on the local display, but vncserver will still start normally.

---Section of /etc/inittab below---
# Default runlevel. The runlevels used by RHS are:
# 0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)
# 1 - Single user mode
# 2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have networking)
# 3 - Full multiuser mode
# 4 - unused
# 5 - X11
# 6 - reboot (Do NOT set initdefault to this)

This works for me as I'm building a headless system, but I do not have a general fix. I've installed Fedora on the same machine and did not have this problem, it seems to be a bug in CentOS specifically.

Matthew Lyndaker


2011-07-06 20:13

reporter   ~0012910

This problem persists with CentOS 5.6. When running a VNC session (via vncserver, the wrapper to Xvnc), attempting to access the System menu causes gnome-panel to hang completely. Only a "kill -HUP" command gets things going again.

In my case, the system cannot be set to run at runlevel 3, as console X access is needed.

Is there no solution for this horrendous, long-standing bug?



2011-08-12 16:44

reporter   ~0013112

It seems that this is an upstream bug and that changing runlevel is only coincidentally a workaround, but is not required in all cases. I am currently running Gnome via VNC on two RHEL 5.5 systems, but whose packages are not entirely identical. Both systems are at runlevel 5. However, I do NOT experience this bug on one system, while I do experience it on the other.

Thus, not only is this an upstream issue, but there appears to be some fix for it somewhere, somehow, because the problem doesn't exist on one system but does on the other.

Hopefully we can get this resolved; let me know if you need more info (e.g. RPM lists, etc.).


2011-08-12 17:28

reporter   ~0013113

Upstream bug filed:


2012-05-14 14:30

reporter   ~0015078

This is confirmed still an issue for CentOS 5.8 as of currently.


2012-06-29 21:14

reporter   ~0015350

I was having this problem and found that the system-config-* packages were not installed. I installed ALL of them using yum:

yum install system-config-*

After the installation (and a reboot) the system menu no longer caused VNC to hang.


2012-08-24 09:31

reporter   ~0015702

I don't think it works.i try it,but it doesn't work.


2012-09-25 20:25

reporter   ~0015823

I had the same issue but discovered that when I killed the gnome-panel and re-started it in a terminal session it would crash with a message saying something about the gnome power manager .... I removed the gnome-power-manager package (yum erase gnome-power-manager) and that did the trick :-) the system menu is working now ....


2013-04-04 19:19

reporter   ~0017085

I am running 5.9. Everything was working fine until I did an update. Now it hangs whenever I click on the System menu. I tried all of the suggested fixes above and then some. Nothing seems to fix it.

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