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Summary0004004: Release notes for 5.4 missing "CentOS specific" link under Documentation
DescriptionCentOS's documentation page generally has a link for "CentOS Specific" release notes beside the upstream documentation on the docs page. However, this link is missing for CentOS 5.4, replaced by a "Technical Notes" link.

This is an especially pertinent problem for this release, because there's a more complex documented upgrade process as a result of several changes to glibc, yum, rpm, and other packages. A simple "yum upgrade" on one of my systems from 5.3 to 5.4 produced silent failures in the cleanup process that left around 100 old versions of packages in the RPM database which had to be cleaned up by hand. A stupid and utterly preventable error, but it was one that occurred in spite of due diligence reading what I thought were the only release notes, and I'd like to make sure nobody else gets burned by missing the CentOS release notes.

The front page does correctly link to the CentOS-specific release notes, but not the upstream. I'm not sure if that should be considered an issue or not.
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2009-11-12 23:39

reporter   ~0010362

The last paragraph is incorrect. The front page does correctly link to both sets of release notes; the documentation page does not. Sorry for the error!


2019-10-04 11:17

administrator   ~0035323

Bug triage : closing old requests for EOL doc/centos versions

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