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0004083CentOS-5man-pagespublic2012-12-01 04:59
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Summary0004083: gzip's --rsyncable option not detailed in manpages
Descriptionthe --rsyncable option for gzip is not mentioned in the gzip manpage, though it does appear to be enabled in the gzip program itself.

This is what's in the gzip manpage on Debian:

     While compressing, synchronize the output occasionally based on the
     input. This increases size by less than 1 percent most cases, but means
     that the rsync(1) program can much more efficiently synchronize files
     compressed with this flag. gunzip cannot tell the difference between a
     compressed file created with this option, and one created without it.
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2012-12-01 04:59

reporter   ~0016102

I confirm this is still an issue in CentOS 6.3.

gzip --help does include the --rsyncable option, as does the (Tex)info page but the man page does not.

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