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0004123CentOS-5yumpublic2010-01-06 21:09
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Product Version5.4 
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Summary0004123: Yum using proxy that requires authentication and a Password that contains the two characters \/ fails
Descriptionnormally I can get yum to work with a proxy that requires authentication when required by doing something like

http_proxy=http://<my username>:<my password>@<proxy server>:<proxy server port>
export http_proxy

or by filling in the appropriate information in yum.conf.

But if the password contains the characters \/ this does not work.
I have tried quoting the password in various ways none seem to work


export http_proxy=http://bob:\/alid@proxy.example.com:80
export http_proxy='http://bob:\/alid@proxy.example.com:80'
export http_proxy="http://bob:\/alid@proxy.example.com:80"
export http_proxy=http://bob:\\\/alid@proxy.example.com:80
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  • txt file icon YumProxy0004123.txt (389 bytes) 2010-01-06 02:49 -
    ´╗┐Ways I have tried to quote a password that contains \/ for use with yum
    export http_proxy=http://<user>:\/alid@proxy.example.com:80
    export http_proxy='http://<user>:\/alid@proxy.example.com:80'
    export http_proxy="http://<user>:\/alid@proxy.example.com:80"
    export http_proxy=http://<user>:\\\/alid@proxy.example.com:80
    export http_proxy="http://<user>:\\/alid@proxy.example.com:80"
    txt file icon YumProxy0004123.txt (389 bytes) 2010-01-06 02:49 +




clintd (reporter)

See Attached File for the correctly formatted examples of what I have tried - YumProxy0004123.txt


GeppettoFedora (reporter)

It'll probably work if you use URL escaping, eg:

%5c and %2f


range (administrator)

And if that doesn't work, it should be reported upstream at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/ - if there isn't a report for that already.


clintd (reporter)

URL Escaping does work. So this issue can be closed. Thank you for the assistance

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