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0004585CentOS-6Otherpublic2011-12-16 16:12
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Fixed in Version6.1 
Summary0004585: nx in the extras repo needs updating to CentOS-6
DescriptionThe nx package in the extras repo need updating to CentOS-6.
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related to 0004901 resolvedtoracat CentOS-5 Upgrade nx to 3.5.x 
child of 0004770 resolvedtoracat CentOS-6 Update nx/freenx for CentOS-6 




2011-03-02 23:22

manager   ~0012469

A set of test build can be found here:


2011-03-03 02:47

reporter   ~0012470

I've written an updated nx.spec file for my own purposes, it's attached.

This turned out to be pesky to compile under RHEL 6 for testing, because the
"audiofile-devel" package is not in the core channels, it's in the
"optional" channel. I've also updated the 'nxagent' component, and
merged overlapping components from the varous centos_ver releases to
make the common components clearly listed, and the differences handled
separately. I also tend to roll back "release" numbers for locally
built components, so that when a reputable repository like CentOS or
RPMforge or EPEL publishes them, I get theirs rather than my testing

Also, let's be aware that NoMachine is changing their software model and not publishing their new version 4.x beta under open source. Coupled with the lack of support or updates for the actual NX server tools, like FreeNX or NeatX, there are some long-term support issues. But in the meantime, enjoy the update.


2011-03-20 14:48

reporter   ~0012531

Toracat, can you change the title on this to distinguish it from 4507? Let that one refer to FreeNX, and this one to "nx".


2011-03-20 17:15

manager   ~0012532

The title and description changed as requested. I will create a parental entry to accommodate both.


2011-07-20 15:10

manager   ~0013022

An updated version ( freenx-0.7.3-7.el6.ay and nx-3.4.0-7.el6.ay ) is now in the same place for testing.

They were built from the srpm that was updated by JohnnyHughes and used to build the current [official] nx/freenx in CentOS-4 and -5.


2011-12-16 16:12

manager   ~0013928

The official CentOS version of nx/freenx is now in the extra repo for 6.1. Closing as 'resolved'.

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