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0004613websitewebsitepublic2010-11-16 19:32
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Summary0004613: Add "Torrents" to the Downloads drop-down
DescriptionCurrently, finding a Torrent version of the ISOs is confusing. You must go into the "Mirrors" page and click through to a mirror before being presented with the .torrent.

I propose an additional link in the Downloads dropdown named "Torrents", linking directly to the .torrent files. The small size of .torrent files, by their very nature, means that the bandwidth implications would be low to minimal. A small description of each option available(LiveCD, x86, x86_64, full DVD, etc) would also be appreciated.
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2010-11-16 17:18

administrator   ~0012065


Thats a good idea - but we would need quite a few links there, one for each Release and then each Arch under there. How about we create additional links for 'torrents' on the page ? Where it says 'CentOS-5 ISOS' we can make it 'CentOS-5' and have links to 'ISOS' and 'Torrents'


2010-11-16 19:32

reporter   ~0012067

I suppose I may have been a bit unclear - the "Torrents" link in the dropdown would be to a page containing the torrent links, not to the torrents themselves. This page could easily have a table delineaing architecture, version, etc.

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