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0004649CentOS-6xfsprogspublic2011-09-26 17:13
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Summary0004649: xfsprogs and xfsdump in the C5 extras are made available from distro in C6
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Userspace util applications xfsprogs and xfsdump are offered from the extras repo in C5. They are now included in the distro (Add-On) upstream.
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2010-12-03 17:19

manager   ~0012134

More info is found in Comments 10 and 12 of the upstream bugzilla[1].

"xfsprogs is in the Scalable File System Add-On

however it should be installable and listed in the comps file."

"I just verified, that xfsprogs actually is installed if the Large Filesystem /
Scalable File System repository is selected in Anaconda."



2010-12-06 11:19

developer   ~0012150

Both xfsdump and xfsprogs are available in the main distro.


2010-12-09 13:24

manager   ~0012212

Just to clarify ... because the description of the Summary is a little vague.

In CentOS-5, xfsprogs and xfsdump are provided in the extras repo. This is no longer necessary in CentOS-6 because they are now in the disto.

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