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0004689CentOS-5kvmpublic2011-05-04 17:32
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Product Version5.5 
Summary0004689: Missing KVM update
DescriptionPlease publish the latest kmod-kvm update (kmod-kvm-83-164.el5_5.30), released by TUV on December 20:
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2011-01-05 15:56

manager   ~0012283


Although this is rated 'low', it is a security update nonetheless. So, better to get it published. Is someone available to do this job?


2011-01-10 16:28

manager   ~0012325

Bump2. Changing the priority from high to urgent now. Karanbir, Tru, ... who else can do this update?


2011-01-13 21:08

reporter   ~0012343

Yet another KVM security update has been released today: kmod-kvm-83-224.el5

More details at:

What's the policy in such cases? I don't suppose publishing this previous update can now be skipped?


2011-01-13 21:19

manager   ~0012344

It (kmod-kvm-83-224.el5) is part of EL5.6 released today, so will not be out until the release of CentOS 5.6.

The "latest" kvm update (for the current 5.5) has to be published.


2011-01-13 22:14

reporter   ~0012345

Indeed, my mistake... sorry :-(


2011-01-13 22:18

manager   ~0012346

I see no mistake. What you wrote was all correct. :-)

2011-01-13 23:28

reporter   ~0012347

I'll look into this. We have a few updates from 5.5/ in the pending queue stuck behind a package with bad linking issues. And toracat is right, all pending updates from the previous release also need to be pushed.


2011-02-09 17:40

manager   ~0012419

It is nice of you to say I am right. But it will be much nicer if you can actually push those pending updates. :-)


2011-05-04 17:32

manager   ~0012708

Now that CentOS 5.6 is out, this request is a history. This kvm security update was missed 'forever' despite the fact that the request was bumped more than once and the priority was elevated to 'high' then to 'urgent'.

Instead of seeing this as a negative record, I suggest taking this a 'good' example and analyzing the reason why the update did not materialize. That should lead to a better implementation of the procedure for publishing security updates (my hope).

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