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0004711CentOS-5anacondapublic2011-01-22 21:49
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Product Version5.5 
Summary0004711: Bug Prompt when installing CentOS with packages from CentOS Extras
DescriptionWhen I was installing CentOS 5.5 using eight ISO files, there was a step I can choose "... any additional repository that you want to use for software installation."

If I chose the "Packages from CentOS Extras" and click next, there was always a "Exception Occured" prompt poping out. It said "An unhandled exception has occured. This is most likely a bug. Please save a detailed exception and file a bug report against anaconda" at this report site.

If I didn't select the "Packages from CentOS Extras," then the installation went O.K..
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duplicate of 0003961 Anaconda installation bug 


2011-01-22 21:02


centos.bug (121,453 bytes)


2011-01-22 21:49


Uh, that's a new one. Fixed in 5.6

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