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0004799CentOS-5lucipublic2011-04-21 01:36
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Product Version5.6 
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Summary0004799: A problem occurred when installing packages: failed to locate/execute module
DescriptionThis problem started to happen after I installed the newly Centos 5.6 Distribution that was released today 04-11-2011.

After this update I wasn't able to create a cluster using the Luci WEB admin page like I had done millions of times.

Additional InformationAfter a couple of hours of doing research and with a senior admin help I was able to find this BUG reported a couple of years ago.

The fix that YonatanE (reporter) found was to change the Centos 5.6 on /etc/redhat-release to "Red Hat bla bla bla" and this was the fixed for this error after several hours of searching a solution.

It's funny that this happened to me, when I spent weeks for a similar issue installing the Driver for Dell MD3000i and the fix was just to rename the /etc/issue to "Red Hat bla bla bla".

I assume that anyone that start a cluster installation today will have this issue if you upgrade to the 5.6 release.

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has duplicate 0004807 A problem occurred when installing packages: failed to locate/execute module 


2011-04-11 20:18


clustererror.png (134,084 bytes)
clustererror.png (134,084 bytes)


2011-04-11 20:27

administrator   ~0012596

there should not the the redhat logo :(


2011-04-12 18:57

administrator   ~0012610

The package you have in 5.6 isn't the correct one and a new conga stack (luci/ricci) with all the CentOS patches needs to be pushed in the /updates/ repo.


2011-04-21 01:35

manager   ~0012663

The correct ones have been pushed to the updates repo.

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