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0004852CentOS-5phppublic2011-05-04 19:08
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Product Version5.6 
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Summary0004852: php53-common package does not Provides php-common
DescriptionThe new package php53-common available on CentOS 5.6 doesn't provides the ressources php-common but conflicts with it.

In that case, if we have an RPM depending on php-common, it can't be installed if the php53-common package has been installed. A conflict is raised.
Additional InformationAn example of such an issue can be found there :
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2011-05-04 17:02

administrator   ~0012707

Last edited: 2011-05-04 17:02

As much as I absolutely agree with you about this issue (and I agree with you 100%), it is not one that we are going to address at all at the CentOS level.

Our packages exactly mirror the provides and requires of the upstream packages and will continue to do so until they come up with a method of handling this issue.

It is the goal of CentOS to be 100% compatible ... which means we have the good and bad things exactly as they appear upstream.



2011-05-04 19:08

reporter   ~0012709

When you say upstream, i think you mean the RHEL Package Team am i correct ?

In that case do you think it is possible to work with them in order to raise this issue upstream or this way to package php53 is completely frozen by redhat ?

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