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0004964CentOS-6gnome-appletspublic2011-10-21 16:13
Product Version6.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004964: system monitor applet segfaults a second after it is added to the panel
DescriptionWhen I try to add the system monitor applet to the panel I see it appearing for a second and then it crashes. Other applets seem to work fine.
Additional InformationFully updated CentOS 6.0
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  • log file icon abrt.log (42,633 bytes) 2011-07-13 19:29

has duplicate 0004998closedIssue Tracker tried to add gnome-system-monitor applet to panel 



DrLove73 (reporter)

This also happens to me, also on x86_64 system.

All I need to do is to use "Add to panel" and select System Monitor.
The ABRT reports crash in gnome-applets and in report there is this:

Process /usr/libexec/multiload-applet-2 was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

When run from CLI, gnome-system-monitor runs fine but with message "Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.SessionManager': no such name.


toracat (manager)

I can confirm the crash.

I also found that you can add the applet without an issue if you go through :

Applications => System Tools => System Monitor

and right-click on the "System Monitor" and select "Add this launcher to panel"


toracat (manager)

I have rebuilt gnome-applets and updated my test system with it. This seems to have fixed the crash problem. No code change, just a rebuild. This is because I suspected that gnome-applets might have to be built _after_ gnome-system-monitor.

Anyone wishing to test the rebuilt version can download it from:


After installing the package, either restart X or reboot the system to be sure. Your feedback appreciated.


DrLove73 (reporter)

Rebuilt package works as expected. All I had to do is to use "Add to panel" without any reboot or restart.


toracat (manager)

Thanks for the feedback.

Karanbir, gnome-applets needs rebuilding.


dennis (reporter)

Yep, I can confirm as well that after installing the new package and logging out and back in again I am able to add the applet without a problem. Thanks!


toracat (manager)

Thanks, dennis, for you feedback.


mbaudier (reporter)

I have the same problem.
Is there a plan for an updated package?
(no hurry, just to make sure this is on track)


toracat (manager)

Reminder sent to: kbsingh@karan.org

Karanbir, any chance to get the rebuild done?


GlennJohnson (reporter)

Works as expected Toracat. Nice work.


toracat (manager)

Thanks, GlennJohnson, for your note.

Karanbir? Could you rebuild gnome-applets to rectify the issue?


misiu_mp (reporter)

I confirm the bug for the 32bit version of centos 6.
The binaries provided by toracat work well.


toracat (manager)

Thanks, misiu_mp, for the confirmation note.


toracat (manager)

Not sure if the devs would do this long-awaited rebuilding at this point. So, I tagged this bug report with "QA-6.1". Hopefully the issue gets rectified in the upcoming 6.1.


toracat (manager)

The package has been rebuilt and made available through the cr repo as:


This has corrected the issue reported here.


toracat (manager)

Thanks everyone who helped by testing. Closing as 'fixed'.

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