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0004999CentOS-6lvm2public2011-07-24 07:56
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Product Version6.0 
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Summary0004999: Can not use/mount existing LVM VG to select partitions in installer
DescriptionBackground: existing system with 2 HDDs running CentOS 5.5. sda1 is /boot and sdb1 is free. The sda2/sdb2 are configured as /dev/md0 (raid-1) and have a LVM VG installed on them. This VG has free space.

My intention was to install CentOS 6 with /boot under /dev/sdb1 and then the other partitions inside the existing volume group, and then migrate stuff over. However, the installer shows me the volume group name but shows no partitions inside this volume group. I'm reluctant therefore to try to add partitions (for the CentOS 6) install as the installer may try to recereate the existing VG. Also I want to mount some partitions ( /home, ... ) from the existing VG but can not do this. So I believe there is a bug in the installer and it should show the existing LVM partitions in the existing volume group.
Additional InformationThe Category may be incorrect. If so please adjust as necessary.
I've not continued for fear of destroying my existing system.
I also guess this is an upstream problem, but am not sure if I should directly report to them given I'm using CentOS and not the upstream product.
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