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0005049CentOS-6CentOS-6-Pluspublic2011-09-09 22:38
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0005049: ramdom order of NIC card initialisation
DescriptionWe have a number of Dell R610 running centos with 2 PCI Intel Dual Port Gig Cards.

The system is configured to boot onboard Broadcom cards as eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3 and the pci intel card as eth4 to eth7.
/etc/modprobe.conf is configured as such

alias eth0 bnx2
alias eth1 bnx2
alias eth2 bnx2
alias eth3 bnx2
alias eth4 igb
alias eth5 igb
alias eth6 igb
alias eth7 igb

However, sometimes upon reboot, it is detected that the intel pci cards get initialized as eth0 to eth3 instead
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2011-08-24 00:57

reporter   ~0013149

Check /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and update your ifcfg-eth* (HWADDR) to match udev rules


2011-09-09 22:38

reporter   ~0013213

I agree, since udev has been introduced in most distro, relying on modprode.conf is useless and collide with udev rules (admin sys do not need do modify it in most case). If you still encounter the bug without doing any modifications to modprobe.conf, then you really encounter a bug.

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