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0005061CentOS-6Otherpublic2011-11-04 13:55
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Product Version6.0 
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Summary0005061: CentOS 6 minimal KVM guest shutdown/reboot operations are not working
Descriptionshutdown/reboot of CentOS 6 KVM guest installed from minimal iso does not work, with either virsh or virt-manager

How to reproduce:

1. Install CentOS 6 from minimal iso
2. Run:
 - virsh reboot <c6_min_domain>
 - virsh shutdown <c6_min_domain>

This can be fixed by installing acpid and enabling it:

# yum install acpid
# service acpid start
# chkconfig acpid on




2011-11-03 22:43

reporter   ~0013708

I can confirm this issue, the solution given is correct.
acpid is a small package and requires no dependencies other than what's currently on the minimal iso.


2011-11-04 11:15


Let me restate the purpose of the minimal.iso: "The aim of this disk is to install a CentOS 6.0 system which has a minimum of packages needed to have a functional system, with no compromise regarding security and fully network and yum aware". In this specific case, "functional system" should not be taken as "fully flavoured system". IOW, from my point of vew the minimal iso should contain only what is needed to make a system bootable [ on any media supported by the distribution ] and yum aware. Anything else can be added after the installation is finished. Or the long-awaited LWS iso should be used instead of the minimal iso.

The minimal iso is NOT and I repeat it is NOT meant to be used as such but as a framework to which each admin should add the packages needed for the specific task that [s]he has in mind. A careful look will show that not even dhclient is included in the image. On purpose.


2011-11-04 13:48

reporter   ~0013710

Wolfy, ok, I get your point.

FYI dhclient IS included in the image, thanks god. :)


2011-11-04 13:55


indeed it is. my mistake, the example was incorrect. but the point remains the same.

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