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0005075CentOS-6Otherpublic2013-03-08 18:05
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0005075: cronie should be installed in CentOS 6.0 minimal iso because it required by logrotate (included by default)
Descriptionlogrotate is included in CentOS 6.0 minimal iso but require a cron implementation (cronie on C6) to be functional, so cronie should be installed by default.

# rpm -qf /etc/cron.daily/logrotate

# rpm -qf /etc/cron.daily
file /etc/cron.daily is not owned by any package

cronie will pull other packages such as Postfix (there's no MTA in C6 minimal iso):

 Package Arch
 cronie x86_64
Installing for dependencies:
 cronie-anacron x86_64
 crontabs noarch
 cyrus-sasl x86_64
 mysql-libs x86_64
 postfix x86_64

Transaction Summary
Install 6 Package(s)
Upgrade 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 3.4 M
Installed size: 14 M



2011-09-07 11:24


I will think about it but given the dependencies, I'd rather not see cronie on the minimal iso. I see mysql [and -libs] and postfix more suitable to the so far planned but not yet released LWS ( light weight server ).

The minimal is just that: minimal. Its purpose is to create with minimum hassle a functional system ( a skeleton if you want ) to which any needed functionality can/should be added.


2011-09-07 16:54

developer   ~0013205

I agree with you (though it's just mysql-libs not client or the server), however the installation of a CentOS 5 system with only the first CD (CD 1of8 for x86_64) does include sendmail and vixie-cron and it's still minimal, otherwise we should remove logrotate since it does not work without cronie (unless it invoked manually)


2011-09-09 22:30

reporter   ~0013212

I agree with athmane.


2011-09-10 00:04


The so called minimal install with just one disk in Centos 5 is very different
a) the disk has 650 MB of info, versus cca 200 MB for the C6-minimal.iso
b) it has no support for advanced partitioning ( no raid ) or encryption
c) lots of other useless stuff gets installed

And once again, minimal != server edition. I find postfix more suitable for the LWS. If I were to choose, my preferred options would be
a) leave things as they are, eventually adding a note to the release notes that there is no default mail server and no crond
b) remove logrotate
c) add cronie and all its deps

Before answering to this note, please answer yourself the following question: how come that the rpms for logrotate and cronie have no "Requires:" already included in their specs ?


2011-09-10 00:57

reporter   ~0013215

They have no require en each other to avoid circular dependency hell, that's all and also because they are both buggy (Provides and Requires side).

Let me ask a question : What is the point of the minimal CentOS spin ?

rescue ISO ? it's pointless
mimic minimal CentOS 5 install ? it's far from it (and buggy)

As it stand, the minimal spin is a useless effort I do not understand, the resulting install is useless without a good knowledge of GNU/Linux (no console, networking configuration is buggy, proposed FS are really a trimmed down version of the original, and so on).



2011-09-10 01:58


fraggle: please open bug reports for all the bugs that you have found and I will be happy to fix them.
As of your remarks:
- "What is the point of the minimal CentOS spin ?": ( read the "Introduction")
- "no console": explain that, please. everybody but you got console just on any other text install
- "networking configuration is buggy": do you mean by any chance?
- "proposed FS are really a trimmed down version of the original": explain that, please as it is exactly the same FS that gets created by a normal install. The installer is exactly the same, except for skipping the package selection steps. Actually you can get almost the same setup by using The minimal CD iso adds to that kickstart support for more storage systems but is virtually identical in the rest.


2011-09-10 02:36

reporter   ~0013217

I've already filled bug reports for each problems (that are not known issue) except the lack of console display after install, 'cause I've still not narrowed down the problem (missing ConsoleKit or not).

Sorry to sound harsh but the goals of that spin aren't fulfilled.


2011-09-10 18:39


The only reports I've found were related to the XFS userland utilities ( note added to the release notes and fix added to git so it will be included in the next release) and for which I need a reproducer.


2013-03-08 18:05

updater   ~0016626

C6.4 minimal.iso appears to include cronie by default.

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