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0005214CentOS-6tigervncpublic2011-10-29 14:28
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Product Version6.0 
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Summary0005214: tigervnc-server doesn't map ALT_R
DescriptionWhen I login with tigervnc-client into the default tigervnc-server the AltGr key is mapped as 0xffe9 ALT_L and the combination AltGr+2 produces "2" not "@", as it should with the norwegian layout. It's the same with the rest of the AltGr + another key - they don't produce the correct character.

When I do this in CentOS 5.x the AltGr-key is mapped as 0xffea ALT_R and everything works.
Steps To ReproduceJust install tigervnc-server, connect with a vncviewer and press AltGr+2 with a norwegian keyboard layout - you'll get "2" instead of "@".
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2011-10-29 14:28

reporter   ~0013673

To clarify a bit - this seems to be a bug connected to the vns-ltsp-package that I installed from the EL5-repo into the CentOS6 installation. If I start an ordinary vncserver everything works fine - but if I start it with the vncts-system in xinetd the gdmgreeter is OK - but the AltGr+2 is not working inside Gnome.

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