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0005247CentOS-6-OTHERpublic2013-01-09 13:37
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Summary0005247: sshd does not close existing password authentificated connections in usercontext of a user changing his password
Descriptionsolution: if a user changes his password all sshd processes belonging to this user have to close all existing connections that have been opened using this password at the time where the new [password||password_hash] is stored in the database.
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2011-11-16 04:31

developer   ~0013764

That normal behavior of openssh, for example if you do a wrong modification in sshd configuration, you can still fix it as long as you don't close your active ssh session.

You can report RFE upstream, can't be changed in CentOS side.


2011-11-16 12:13

reporter   ~0013770

maybe workaround like this (not tested)?
yes <new_password> | passwd &
sleep 1


2013-01-09 13:37

reporter   ~0016264

What is user can use both public key authetication and password based?

Then you recommend to kill all user's sessions authenticated by PK?

This is not way how OpenSSH works and even is not related to CentOS IMO.

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