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0005255CentOS-6nfs-utils-libpublic2011-11-22 19:22
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Version6
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Summary0005255: broken in nfs-utils-lib 1.1.5-3
DescriptionThe /usr/lib64/libnfsidmap/ that ships with nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-3.el6.x86_64.rpm appears to be broken.

The symptom I encounter is failed UID/GID resolution on NVSv4 mounts when /etc/idmapd.conf includes umich_ldap in the transation method, e.g.,

# /etc/idmapd.conf
Method = umich_ldap,nsswitch

On the CentOS 6 machine that has the faulty package installed, syslog will report "rpc.idmapd[XXXX]: libnfsidmap: requested translation method, 'umich_ldap', is not available."

On the NFS server (a Debian box, in this instance), syslog will report "rpc.idmapd[XXXX]: nss_getpwnam: name 'nobody' does not map into domain ''"

The files in the NFVv4 filesystem show up as owned by UID 4294967294.
Steps To ReproduceUpgrade a base CentOS 6.0 machine to nfs-utils-lib 1.1.5-3, which currently lives in the "cr" repository. Reboot (or restart all daemons necessary for NFSv4 client functionality).

Additional InformationIn 1.1.5-1 (the current non-cr version), /usr/lib64/libnfsidmap/ is 23464 bytes; in 1.1.5-3, it's much smaller: 3632 bytes. Oddly, however, ldd reports the same dynamic dependencies in both.

I can't seem to find the 1.1.5-3 SRPM in any mirrors, so I can't offer any guesses as to how the regression was introduced.
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2011-11-21 21:43

developer   ~0013794

nfs-utils-lib is not patched by CentOS, so SRPMS are same as upstream's:



2011-11-21 21:50

developer   ~0013795

diff between nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-1 and nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-3 SRPMS (new version of libnfsidmap + some patchs):

added REQUIRES libtool
removed libnfsidmap-0.23.tar.gz
added libnfsidmap-0.24.tar.gz
added nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-compile.patch
added nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-libnfsidmap-0-25-rc1.patch
added nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-warnings.patch
..........T nfs-utils-lib-changelicensetoBSD.patch
added nfs-utils-lib-rhel-idmapd.conf-default.patch
S.5.......T nfs-utils-lib.spec


2011-11-21 22:21

reporter   ~0013796

The nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-libnfsidmap-0-25-rc1.patch patch doesn't appear to be horribly intrusive, so I doubt it's the culprit (but it could be). The rhel-idmapd.conf patch merely swaps some default settings in /etc/idmapd.conf, so that's not the issue for me, since my idmapd.conf was the same before and after the update.

I used the generic rpm %configure macro to build the libnfsidmap-0.24 source. The resulting library works fine.

The I did "rpm --rebuild" against the 1.1.5-3 SRPM. Sure enough, the contained in the resulting rpm was invalid.


2011-11-22 19:16

reporter   ~0013813

I was wrong about nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-libnfsidmap-0-25-rc1.patch. Removing it from the .spec file results in a working

Now to figure out what part of the patch is toxic.


2011-11-22 19:22

developer   ~0013814

I think this should be reported at upstream's bugzilla [1]


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