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0000056websitewebsitepublic2003-12-06 05:10 
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Summary0000056: mailman archives readable
Descriptionmailman private archives are visible in web browser .

I came across this whilst doing a google search, this apparently is used
(abused) by email spam harvesters.

I intend to set .mbox as a non renderable file type in apache config if that is
agreed .....
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2003-12-05 17:58

reporter   ~0000216

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2003-12-06 00:10

reporter   ~0000217

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Done :-

<Directory /var/mailman/archives>
        Options +FollowSymlinks
<FilesMatch "\.mbox">
        Order allow,deny
        Deny from all

That should be proposed as a patch to mailman ....

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