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0005735CentOS-6tsclientpublic2012-05-20 15:16
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Product Version6.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005735: tsclient fails to save connections - attempts to write to wrong directory if username contains Uppercase characters
DescriptionUsername: Nick

Executing tsclient from command line reveals:
** (tsclient:2401): WARNING **: Failed to save connection information for Srvr2008R2, Failed to create file '/home/nick/.config/tsclient/connections/srvr2008r2.tsc.NHBVEW': No such file or directory

The directory it should be saving to is:
Steps To ReproduceCreate username that is not all lowercase.
Run tsclient
Create tsclient connection
Restart tsclient
Connection has not been saved
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