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0005740CentOS-6sudopublic2013-10-18 01:07
Reporterdjschaap Assigned To 
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0005740: Suspend/resume of "sudo vi" broken in sudo-1.7.4p5-9
DescriptionAfter updating to sudo-1.7.4p5-9, suspend/resume doesn't work. Reverting to sudo-1.7.4p5-7 corrects the issue.
Steps To Reproduce1) type sudo vi
2) type password (if required)
3) hit control-Z
4) type fg - note that screen fails to redraw)
5) hit Enter twice - note that vi is not responding properly
6) hit control-Z - terminal seems stuck; must disconnect from terminal session to recover
(Steps 5 & 6 aren't critical - I've tried doing other things here but no success.)

Additional InformationThis issue is seen with upstream OS as well -- sudo-1.7.4p5-7.el6.x86_64 is OK but sudo-1.7.4p5-9.el6_2.x86_64 is broken.
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2012-05-22 14:32

reporter   ~0015118

sudo release notes suggest a fix went into 1.8.1.

"The fix for resuming a suspended shell in 1.7.5 caused problems with resuming non-shells on Linux. Sudo will now save the process group ID of the program it is running on suspend and restore it when resuming, which fixes both problems."


2012-05-23 14:32

administrator   ~0015138

this is now filed as an upstream bug:


2013-10-17 21:50

reporter   ~0018190

Although I can't read the upstream bug report, it's possible to install the latest Sudo RPM from, e.g. sudo-1.7.10-8.el6.i386.rpm from, and that fixed the problem for me.

I'd like to give this a higher priority, as vim is a common and much-used config file editor, sudo is a common and much-used way to give it root access, and suspending vim is a common and much-used action. I usually get bitten by this about once a week, whenever I'm on a centos box instead of Debian/Ubuntu, which doesn't seem to have the problem.


2013-10-17 23:09

manager   ~0018191

According to , this bug was fixed in sudo-1.7.4p5-13.el6_3 .


2013-10-18 01:03

reporter   ~0018192

I can confirm the upstream fix has propagated to CentOS (happened quite a while ago). This bug can be closed.


2013-10-18 01:07

manager   ~0018193

Thanks for the confirmation. Now closing as 'resolved'.

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