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0005747CentOS-6kernelpublic2012-05-25 19:39
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS Version3.3.4
Product Version6.2 
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Summary0005747: feature request: enable l2tpv3 support in kernel
DescriptionUsers want to configure and use L2TPv3 tunnels for Layer-2 tunneling. Kernel support for L2TPv3 (ethernet pseudowires) was added in 2.6.35. Support is enabled by kernel config options.

Support for some L2TPv3 functionality was added to iproute2 in iproute2-3.2. Users are finding that the "ip l2tp" commands do not work in RHEL kernels because the driver support is not enabled.

The config settings are:-

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
All releases to date.
Steps To ReproduceTry to use iproute2 "ip l2tp" commands using iproute2-3.2 or later (kernel 3.2 or later), e.g.

ip l2tp help

Additional InformationI maintain the kernel L2TP code. I receive some requests from CentOS users asking for help with "ip l2tp". They are surprised the feature isn't already enabled in the kernel RPMs. Will it be enabled in future CentOS releases?

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2012-05-25 17:47

manager   ~0015156

CentOS kernels are built from the upstream kernel srpm without any modification to the code. However, CentOS offers the centosplus kernel which is a custom kernel. Therefore, requests like the one in this ticket can be accommodated within the cplus kernel but not the distro kernel.

kernel-ml provided by is not related to the CentOS project. I suggest you file an RFE with the ELRepo bug tracker at .


2012-05-25 19:39

manager   ~0015158

Just checked the CentOS 6.2 config. Turns out there is no option for L2TP. CentOS kernel is based on 2.6.32. The only way to get 2tpv3 support into CentOS kernel is to file a request with the upstream vendor (Red Hat) to backport the code into their RHEL kernel.

Or else, if you can do the backport for kernel 2.6.32, more specifically for centosplus kernel 2.6.32, then that could be added to the cplus kernel.

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