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0005757CentOS-6CentOS-6-Pluspublic2012-06-10 21:39
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Product Version6.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005757: Update the hv_* drivers present in centos-plus kernel
DescriptionAdd Hyper-V driver bits that are based on the upstream Linux kernel.
These are based on Linux 3.4 kernel bits. The Hyper-V drivers have been
appropriately patched to compile against a 2.6.32 vintage kernel.
In Linux 3.4, our drivers have exited staging and landed in appropriate
locations in the kernel. In the interest of keeping the modifications to
the 2.6.32 kernel minimal, we have chosen to (a) Make these drivers fully
self contained and (b) Maintain the source structure for our drivers as was
in the 2.6.32 kernel. As part of this also get rid of all un-needed files.

Signed-off-by: K. Y. Srinivasan <>
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related to 0005669 closedtoracat Plus versions of kernel upgrades panic on Hyper-V-based CentOS 6.2 




2012-05-30 16:57


centos-linux-2.6-update-hv-drivers.patch (799,962 bytes)


2012-05-30 17:09

manager   ~0015187

Thanks for the submission. Has this been fully tested? Or does this need testing by the public?


2012-05-30 17:12

reporter   ~0015188

I've tested this internally by following the instructions here (, building my own RPM's, and deploying them to test. The patch is also extremely localized, and only affects users of CentOS 6 on Hyper-V.

2012-05-30 17:32

administrator   ~0015189

How about we build a plus kernel with this patch in - with a extended release bit, and publish it at and poing Mike + Associates there, to make sure that things work even when they go through the CentOS Buildsys ?


2012-05-30 17:35

reporter   ~0015190

That would be ideal.


2012-05-30 17:37

manager   ~0015191

Sounds good.


2012-05-31 20:41

manager   ~0015197

I can confirm the patch applies cleanly (tested with


2012-06-10 15:48

reporter   ~0015238

I've pulled down the latest sources as KB and I have discussed in IRC. I see that the latest kernel.spec has a %define that includes bug5757, but I don't see an official kernel that has the patch applied on Is there an ETA on when we can get a test package to qualify in our internal systems?

2012-06-10 21:39

administrator   ~0015240


Just waiting on clarifications on the outstanding points before we do anything.

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