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0005778CentOS-6tcshpublic2012-06-16 02:24
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Platformi386OSCentOSOS Version6.2
Product Version6.2 
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Summary0005778: tcsh-6.17-19.el6.2 issue with how the path is set when using su
DescriptionWhen using "su - USER -c COMMAND" and the user has tcsh as the default shell, it appears that none of the scripts in /etc/profile.d are executed. Using "su USER -c COMMAND" or just "su - USER" all set the path correctly.
Steps To ReproduceEnsure that there is at least one XXX.csh file in /etc/profile.d that sets an easily identifiable path element. Update to tcsh-6.17-19.el6.2 and then run the following command in a root terminal:

    su - USER -c "env | grep ^PATH="

where USER has tcsh as the default shell. Compare that to the output of the following command:

    su USER -c "env | grep ^PATH="

or simply do a "su - USER" and then check the path.
Additional InformationAfter reproducing the problem, do a "yum downgrade tcsh" and the problem should go away, proving that it is tcsh-6.17-19.el6.2 that introduced the problem.
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