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0005805CentOS-6logwatchpublic2012-07-03 06:15
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PlatformOSCentOSOS Version6.2
Product Version6.2 
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Summary0005805: logwatch doesn't move correctly.
DescriptionI've installed CentOS 6.2 as minimal install, and install logwatch from yum.
# logwatch -v
Logwatch 7.3.6 (released 05/19/07)

But, when I execute logwatch, I can find error message as below;
# /usr/sbin/logwatch --mailto root && tail -f /var/log/maillog
ERROR: Date::Manip unable to determine TimeZone.

Execute the following command in a shell prompt:
perldoc Date::Manip
The section titled TIMEZONES describes valid TimeZones
and where they can be defined.

So, I made /etc/timezone as below;
# ls -la /etc | grep timezone
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6 Jul 1 15:30 timezone
# cat /etc/timexzone

So, I execute logwatch again, but, logwatch doesn't move and send same error message.

If you have any ideas, please tell me how to solve this.
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