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0005817CentOS-6kdebasepublic2012-07-10 23:39
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Platformx64OSLinuxOS Version3.4.4
Product Version6.2 
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Summary0005817: xterm always startup in a particular directory
Description(6.3 in product version missing)

I use KDE and I use xterm as a terminal.
I start all my xterms with:
xterm -g 80x33 -fg white -bg black -fn 6x10 -rightbar -tn xterm-color
In my homedir I got about 10 dirs, one of the dirs are "texts".
For some unknown reason, when I login via gdm all my xterms that are saved from
the previous session have the startup dir changed to texts!
Example screenshot:

I have searched in my .kde files but dont find the reason to this. For some
reason I belive that KDE thinks that ~/texts is my "homedir" and its buried
deep inside KDE.

It wasnt like this during CentOS 5.x, it happend with CentOS 6.x.
Before 6.3, it started with CentOS 6.0.
Steps To ReproduceLogin off and login again.
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2012-07-10 23:39


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