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0005889CentOS-6dhcppublic2012-08-20 15:36
Product Version6.3 
Target Version6.3Fixed in Version 
Summary0005889: possible trademark issue in DHCP
DescriptionWhen the DHCP-Client exits (because i.e. another instande is allready running), the text message says:
Please report for this software via the Red Hat Bugzilla site:
Steps To ReproduceStart two instances of DHCP-Client to listen for an address assignment (i.e. run 'service network start' two times simultaneously.
Additional Informationrpm -aq |grep dhcp
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tigalch (manager)

This patch should solve the issue:
--- dhcp-4.1.1-errwarn-message.patch
+++ dhcp-4.1.1-errwarn-message.patch
@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@
 - log_error ("help directly to the authors of this software - please");
 - log_error ("send them to the appropriate mailing list as described in");
 - log_error ("the README file.");
-+ log_error ("Please report for this software via the Red Hat Bugzilla site:")
-+ log_error (" http://bugzilla.redhat.com");
++ log_error ("Please report for this software via the CentOS Bugzilla site:");
++ log_error (" http://bugs.centos.org");
    log_error ("%s", "");
    log_error ("exiting.");


JohnnyHughes (administrator)

fixed in version dhcp-4.1.1-31.0.1.P1.el6.centos.1.src.rpm

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