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Summary0006002: Wrong time with Australia/Sydney after reboot during specific window

I have a server configured with CentOS 6 and /etc/localtime as a copy of /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Sydney.
A weekly reboot is configured all saturday evening at 11:55PM EST.
This is working since several weeks without any issue.

Last weekend, the reboot occured as usual at 11:55PM EST.
After the reboot, the server came back but the clock was set to 10:57PM EST time instead of 11:57PM EST.
The NTPd daemon detected more than 1000 seconds difference between the server clock and my NTP servers and the NTPd daemon has stopped asking to set the clock manually (which is normal from NTPd perspective). The server's clock reached later 11:55PM EST and rebooted again...and came back at 10:57PM.... It occurred until the clock was set up manually to the right time.
Hardware clock remains correct.

It occured on 3 differents servers (over 3). All of them have the same config.

The strange thing is that, last weekend, Sydney was going to daylight saving time.
When checking /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Sydney with zdump -v, I can see the following regarding this DST:
/etc/localtime Sat Oct 6 15:59:59 2012 UTC = Sun Oct 7 01:59:59 2012 EST isdst=0 gmtoff=36000
/etc/localtime Sat Oct 6 16:00:00 2012 UTC = Sun Oct 7 03:00:00 2012 EST isdst=1 gmtoff=39600

DST is supposed to occur at 1:59:59 EST on October 7th. Therefore I don't see any reason for the behavior experienced that I have described.

Steps To ReproduceThis is reproductable with:
- setting the clock to 11:54PM EST and date to 2012 October 6th
- synchronizing the hardware clock with the sysclock (hwclock --systohc)
- rebooting the server
- check the date and the hwclock

If you do the same setting but on October 5th, the problem doesn't occured....
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2012-10-09 08:05

administrator   ~0015899

- on boot, you should probably set the time with ntpdate against your local ntp server (/etc/ntp/step-tickers) before starting ntpd.
- tzdata up to date? from changelog:
* Mon Sep 17 2012 Petr Machata <> - 2012f-1
- Upstream 2012f
  - Fiji will start daylight savings at 2 am on Sunday 21st October 2012
    and end at 3 am on Sunday 20th January 2013. Guess it will be like
    that in following years as well.
- Upstream 2012e
  - Tokelau is in time zone UTC+13, not UTC+14 (and always was)
- Upstream 2012d
  - Morocco will not observe DST during the month of Ramadan.
    DST cessation end date was corrected.
  - Drop tzdata-2012c-morocco.patch


2012-10-09 08:33

reporter   ~0015900

thanks for your quick reply

my tzdata is 20101-1 but I succeeded to reproduce with 2012c also.
Will try with 2012f to be sure but I didn't see any changelog that seems to be related to my issue.


2012-10-09 08:55

reporter   ~0015901

test performed with tzdata-2012f-1 and same issue.


2013-03-02 21:08

manager   ~0016576

CentOS-6.3 CR holds tzdata-2012j. How about now?

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