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0006135CentOS-6gnome-power-managerpublic2012-12-25 16:19
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PlatformIntel 32-bitOSCentOSOS Version6
Product Version6.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006135: Display Sleep Function Cycles On-And-Off But Never Sleeps
DescriptionIn experimenting with Issues 0006025 and 0006134 a new bug has been found. This bug is much simpler and may be related to those issues mentioned above.

When the Display is set to sleep when inactive for "10 minutes" is set, via the GUI, this is not ever the result. Instead, the display sleeps for 10 minutes, then wakes for 50 minutes, then sleeps again and continues to repeat this pattern of sleeping 10 minutes, then waking for 50 minutes, over and over again endlessly without ever sleeping as it is supposed to.
Steps To ReproduceWhen the Screen Saver is disabled, by unchecking the "Activate screen saver when computer is idle" check box, and the "Power Management Preferences" window, then the "On AC Power" tab is selected, the "Put display to sleep when inactive for" pull-down is set to "10 minutes".

Wait 10 minutes without doing anything (i.e., system is idle) and observe the display going to sleep as it should.

Wait 50 minutes (without doing anything while system is still idle) and observe display suddenly being reactivated (for no reason).

Observe this pattern occurring over and over again with a period of 60 minutes even though no stimulus is input.
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