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0006237CentOS-6initscriptspublic2013-02-04 19:50
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Product Version6.3 
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Summary0006237: network init scripts ignores netmask when it's set to, setting it to
DescriptionOn two different servers running CentOS 6.3, setting an original IP in a /24 network, than changing them to a netmask of makes the network startup set the netmask to I have not tried on a box originally set on the "unusual" network, but will try next.
Steps To ReproduceSetup a fresh install of 6.3 normally, with the more common netmask of Then change the IP configuration to a different IP, netmask, and router, only this time the netmask is set to The correct netmask will be saved in all the pertinent places, but while executing, the init script still decides to set it to
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2013-02-01 22:26

reporter   ~0016405

I just confirmed that whatever netmask is configured during install, sticks forever. Changing the netmask using setup after initial install, although it seems to update all the relevant files, has no effect. If feels like the system is keeping a config file hidden somewhere.


2013-02-04 19:50

reporter   ~0016426

I found that original configuration saves both the NETMASK and the PREFIX; the setup tool changes NETMASK but leaves PREFIX as is, and the networking scripts then use PREFIX to calculate a new NETMASK. I suggest either one of NETMASK or PREFIX every time, and calculating the other if/when needed.

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