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0006274CentOS-6selinux-policypublic2014-01-02 18:46
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Fixed in Version6.5 
Summary0006274: Recent SELinux update disables iptables firewall managed by Shorewall?

After recent updates (end February 2013) my firewall managed by Shorewall ( ceased to start.

When doing:

service shorewall restart

the service does not start and I get, in /var/log/messages:

Feb 28 17:26:25 mail1 shorewall[6124]: Compiling...
Feb 28 17:26:25 mail1 shorewall[6124]: Processing /etc/shorewall/params ...
Feb 28 17:26:25 mail1 shorewall[6124]: Processing /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf...
Feb 28 17:26:25 mail1 shorewall[6124]: Loading Modules...
Feb 28 17:26:25 mail1 shorewall[6124]: ERROR: Your kernel/iptables do not include state match support. No version of Shorewall will run on this system
Feb 28 17:26:25 mail1 rsandu: ERROR:Shorewall restart failed

By googling, it seems to be a SELinux issue:

I've solved it by doing a

touch /.autorelabel; reboot

but it is pretty nasty, because it may *completely disable* firewwall/Shorewall on an unattended machine, if the machine gets a restart.

Versions are:

shorewall-4.5.4-1.el6.noarch (from EPEL)

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2013-02-28 20:32

administrator   ~0016564

this workaround should be enough:
restorecon -Rv /sbin

It should catch:
restorecon reset /sbin/iptables-multi-1.4.7 context
restorecon reset /sbin/ip6tables-multi-1.4.7 context


2013-03-01 18:24


It was already reported upstream as


2014-01-02 18:46

manager   ~0018754

Reported as SOLVED upstream with

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