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0006426CentOS-6samba4public2013-05-01 20:56
Reporterrootus Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Platformvmware And Proliant G5OScentos OS Version64bit
Product Version6.4 
Summary0006426: After installing samba4 os crash on boot.
Descriptionyum -y install samba4.x86_64 samba4-winbind.x86_64 samba4-winbind-clients.x86_64 samba4-winbind-krb5-locator.x86_64

after reboot crash on boot.
Last messageges:
Remounting root filesystem in ... OK
mounting local file systems OK
chgrp: invalid group utmp
chown invalid users root:root
enabling /etc/fstab swaps OK
telinit: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.
That's the last gasp.
Steps To Reproducevmware 4.2 platform or a hardware server hp DL380 G5.

install centos 6.4 minimal
install samba4
start smb (will fail)
reboot server will result in crash

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2013-05-01 18:09

manager   ~0017347

One possibility is that something happened to /etc/passwd (broken, missing ?). Try booting the system in rescue mode using install media and check. I recommend you use one of the support venues (mailing list, forums, etc) for troubleshooting the issue rather than the bug tracker.


2013-05-01 18:21

reporter   ~0017348

You don't think it is a bug?

/etc/passwd is perfect.
(mounted the vmdk to another VM.)

I have had this issue already 5 times.
Just before installing samba4 the reboot was fine.
After samba4 install the crash on boot.

Does Not happen on 32 bit OS only 64bit.


2013-05-01 19:37

reporter   ~0017349

install samba4 is ok.
install samba4-winbind causes smb to crash and also causes the crash on boot.


2013-05-01 20:37

manager   ~0017350

I just installed samba4 and samba4-winbind on a test system. But there was no problem booting it. Apparently just installing these packages would not trigger the boot problem. What other things/factors are needed to reproduce the issue?


2013-05-01 20:38

reporter   ~0017351

Your right.
not a bug.


passwd: compat winbind
group: compat winbind

should be:

passwd: compat winbind files
group: compat winbind files

so is was the passwd after all.

can remove this bogus bug.


2013-05-01 20:56

manager   ~0017352

Good that you've got this sorted out. Will close as "not a bug".

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