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0006698CentOS-6libnetfilter_conntrackpublic2013-10-09 16:47
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Product Version6.4 
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Summary0006698: CentOS is missing libnetfilter queue related packages
Descriptionlibipq library is deprecated and the associated kernel modules are absent from the latest kernel versions. The replacement for libipq is libnetfilter. However, in order to use libnetfilter you need (i) libnetfilter-queue and (ii) the associated development package (with headers etc). These two packages are missing from CentOS, which renders the software depending on libnetfilter broken on CentOS. The two libraries are included in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Redhat.

Steps To ReproduceTry to install libnetfilter queue and the development package in CentOS 6.4. N/A.
Additional InformationRedhat packages seem to work just fine:

Please import also to CentOS? Thanks.
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2013-10-09 16:47

manager   ~0018172

libnetfilter_queue is not available in the upstream product (RHEL 6). Because CentOS tries to be an exact clone, adding packages that do not exist upstream is usually not an option (might be done outside the main distribution like the extras repo). So, you need to file a request with upstream. Then it will come down to CentOS. Yet another option is to ask a 3rd party repo such as EPEL.

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