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0006704CentOS-6-OTHERpublic2013-10-16 16:14
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PlatformLinux-x86_64OSCentOSOS Version6.4
Product Version6.4 
Summary0006704: After switching to an other window, not all elements are correctly redrawn
DescriptionAfter an update from 6.3 to 6.4 I experience different screen redrawing problems:

When switching to another window (Alt-Tab), the content of this (and the other windows, too) is not correctly redrawn. See the marked area in the uploaded screenshot for an example.

I'm using an Nvidia Quadro FX 330 card. Updating to the latest driver (173.14.38) did not solve the problem.
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2013-10-16 07:05


Bildschirmfoto-tmp-2.png (87,123 bytes)   
Bildschirmfoto-tmp-2.png (87,123 bytes)   


2013-10-16 16:14

manager   ~0018185

I suspect this is an issue with the Nvidia driver. Because you already have the latest version installed, I suggest asking in the Nvidia forums. From what I've read, this legacy driver will be EOL'd at the end of this year.

Another thing you could try is to downgrade xorg.

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