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0006717CentOS-6postgresqlpublic2013-10-29 19:01
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Version6.4
Product Version6.4 
Summary0006717: postgis enabled database can be dumped, but not restored
Descriptiondumping a postgis enabled database with:

pg_dump -Fc <database> > database.dump

then dropping the database and restoring postgis.sql <database> database.dump

leads to error:
$ postgis.sql <new_database> database.dump
Converting postgis.sql to ASCII on stdout...
  Reading list of functions to ignore...
  Writing manifest of things to read from dump file... Cannot open manifest file 'postgis.sql.lst'
-bash-4.1$ pg_restore: [Archivierer] Eingabedatei scheint kein g├╝ltiges Archiv zu sein

Since "LANG=C" did not help to make this script talk english: "Input data doesn't seem to be an archive."
If you import the very same data into an already created database it will work, but exaust a variety of errors. The database isn't working afterwards.

The very same problem arrose with database backups -- they are just unusable, because it is impossible to restore the database in case of a crash.
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